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Following is an email from CNNMoney.com Personal Finance writer,
Ms. Blake Ellis to Anthony Gartman, CEO of AMG Consulting Group Inc

Hi Anthony,

I hope you’re doing well. We finally published our package on ChexSystems, and there’s a mention of your company in Jim Wood’s story here:


Let me know what you think, and thanks again for all your help! I was hoping to be able to include more information about your company in the main story I wrote, but we just didn’t have room for everything. This is a topic I will continue to follow, however, so please keep in touch if you have any story ideas regarding ChexSystems in the future.


Blake Ellis
Personal Finance Writer



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Bank Deletion Letters

At AMG Consulting Group Inc. we personalize each clients Banking matters. Our clients have been extremely satisfied with our proven track record in being able to re-establish them with new bank account(s). You realize when you are reported as a risk to The Consumer Reporting Agencies, ChexSystems and/or Early Warning Services the time-frame is a 5 to 7 year penalty from the date you are reported. With AMG Consulting Group Inc. we can get you re-established with a new Bank Account in as little as 30 days.

AMG Consulting Group Inc. prides itself in making sure that our clients are completely satisfied and receive the maximum results from our service. Below is a brief list of bank(s) that we work with on a daily basis.

Please review our client deletion letters below:

Bank of AmericaBrandiDeletion Letter
Bank of AmericaHope Deletion Letter
Bank of AmericaKeithDeletion Letter
Bank of AmericaRobertDeletion Letter
Bank of AmericaJose Deletion Letter
Bank of AmericaReynaDeletion Letter
Bank of AmericaCary Deletion Letter
Bank of AmericaGrahamDeletion Letter
Bank of AmericaMilissaDeletion Letter
Bank of AmericaSelvinDeletion Letter
Bank of AmericaGeorgeDeletion Letter
Bank of AmericaKevinDeletion Letter
Bank of AmericaKevinDeletion Letter
Bank of AmericaHenryDeletion Letter
Bank of AmericaGeraldDeletion Letter
Bank of AmericaEdwardDeletion Letter
Bank of AmericaChanelleDeletion Letter
Bank of AmericaNasrinDeletion Letter
Bank of AmericaMaybal Deletion Letter
Bank of AmericaTuan Deletion Letter
Bank of AmericaTy Deletion Letter

JP Morgan ChaseCarlosDeletion Letter
JP Morgan ChaseMaybalDeletion Letter
JP Morgan ChaseEbert Deletion Letter
JP Morgan ChaseAnnaDeletion Letter
JP Morgan ChaseEhabDeletion Letter
JP Morgan ChaseMohammadDeletion Letter
JP Morgan ChaseLorettaDeletion Letter
JP Morgan ChaseRigobertoDeletion Letter
JP Morgan ChaseGabrielle Deletion Letter
JP Morgan ChaseTiefaDeletion Letter
JP Morgan ChaseEvaDeletion Letter
JP Morgan ChaseGraceDeletion Letter